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Who Is The Current IG of Islamabad Police In Pakistan?

Question: Who is the Current IG of Islamabad Police in Pakistan?

Answer : Amir Zulfiqar Khan

It is due to the effectiveness of new and previous IG’s of Islamabad Police that many development made during their tenure. For example outlaws held narcotic and weapons recovered is the one of the finest development. The Islamabad Police has many other developments and reforms under the leadership like the 18 outlaws were arrested on 10 Nov 208 after the appointment of new IG of Islamabad. Further about 1.470 KG hashish 565 gram heroine, wine and weapons are recovered from the possession of those outlaws.

Who Is The Current IG of Islamabad Police In Pakistan?

These kinds of development proved the strong hold of the Islamabad Police over the police department in Islamabad. You can judge about the transparency of the leadership with new developments. The continuous basis activity approach is always relevant to the day to day and night to night approach.

Who Is The Current IG Of Islamabad Police In Pakistan

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Want to know about Who is the Current IG of Islamabad Police in Pakistan? IG is the abbreviation of Inspector General.  On the basis of the responsibilities, they are larger wise as they restricted to specific areas of policing within their jurisdiction. There is no toleration policy being adopted by the Islamabad police with respect to the drug peddling activities in the area.

Name Tenure
Muhammad Nawaz Malik


From: 01st Jan 1981
To: 08th Aug 1986
Khawar Zaman From: 04th Sep 1986
To: 09th May 1988
Wajahat Latif From: 21st May 1988
To: 14th Jan 1990
Iftikhar Rashid From: 14th Jan 1990
To: 1st Jul 1991
M. Mohsin From: 19th Apr 1993
To: 28th May 1993
Jehanzaib Burki 1st Tenure
From: 28th May 1993
To: 09th Mar 1994
2nd Tenure
From: 12th May 1992
To: 19th Apr 1993
Asad Mehmood Alvi


From: 01st Jun 1994
To: 18th Feb 1996
Abdul Qadir Haye


From: 19th Feb 1996
To: 26th Nov 1996
Saleem Tariq Lone


From: 26th May 1997
To: 1st Sept 1998
Israr Ahmed


From: 1st Sep 1998
To: 27th Oct 1999
M.R Zia


1st Tenure
From: 26th Nov 1996
To: 24th May 1997
2nd Tenure
From: 27th Oct 1999
To: 04th Nov 1999
Major (R) Mian Zaheer Ahmed



From: 18th Nov 1999
To: 20th March 2002
Muhammad Akram



From: 30th March 2002
To: 13th Nov 2003
Fiaz Ahmad Khan Toru



From: 11th Nov 2003
To: 01st Nov 2004
Tallat Mehmood Tariq



From: 06 Nov 2004
To: 21st July 2005
Iftikhar Ahmad



From: 21st July 2005
To: 27th August 2007
Shahid Nadeem Baloach



From: 20th Sept 2007
To: 08th May 2008
Syed Asghar Raza Gardezi



From: 08th May 2008
To: 31st Dec 2008



From: 1st Jan 2009
To: 24th May 2009
Syed Kaleem Imam



From: 25th May 2009
To: 24th Jan 2011
Wajid Ali Durrani



From: 24th Jan 2011
To: 16th June 2011
Bani-Amin Khan



From: 17th June 2011
To: 23rd July 2013
Sikander Hayat


From: 23rd July 2013
To: March 2014
Aftab Cheema


From: 24 April 2014
To: Sept 2014
Tahir Alam Khan


From: Sept 2014
To: Jan 2016
Tariq Masood Yasin


From: 13 April 2016
To: 31 March 2017
Muhammad Khalid Khattak


From: 1st April 2017
To: 8th Dec 2017
Dr. Sultan Azam Temuri


From: 9th Dec 2017
To: 13th June 2018
Amir Zulfiqar Khan From: 2nd Nov 2018

To: Present

The resolving the public complaints always ensure about the business and way out to make the relevance that how it can measure the required legal and illegal selling. The controlled environment is being made under the new leadership because government has appointed the new IG of Islamabad Police. So know you question who is the current IG of islamabad police in pakistan? is being answered here.

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