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Who Was The Last Governor General Of Pakistan

Question: Who Was The Last Governor General Of Pakistan?

Answer: Iskandar Mirza

Iskandar Mirza Was The Last Governor General Of Pakistan

Read out this complete details about who was the last Governor general of Pakistan? In the early days, Pakistan was administered by the Governor General with its head.  Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the first Governor General of Pakistan and last was Iskander Mirza.  After the second fatal heart attack of Ghulam Muhammad, he was appointed as temporary Governor-general. But seeing the situation favorable, he captured the power in his hands and disbanded Malik Ghulam Muhammad. After disbanding of Malik Ghulam, Iskander Mirza intended to make the government of his own gain and taste. Hence, he invited Muhammad Ali Chaudhary to form a government. He took the charge of office as acting governor-general on 7th of August 1955 and became permanent Governor on 6th of October 1955. Before taking the charge of governor General he has served the country as defense secretary, governor of East Bengal and as a cabinet minister.

Who Was The Last Governor General Of Pakistan?

Who Was The Last Governor General Of Pakistan


Iskander Mirza was one of those who strongly advocated the formation of a one-unit plan for West Pakistan. Taking the charge as Governor-General, he dared to launch one-unit plan under the government of Chaudhary Muhammad Ali. He was the first martial law imposer. Falling in direct conflict with Muslim League, whose leader was planning to topple down Iskander Mirza, he imposed martial law on Pakistan. Actually, at that time Muslim League under the leadership of Shurwardy wanted to cut short the powers of governor General who could drive the assembly by his own will. Iskander Mirza could not want to deliver these power to the Prime Minister that is why he abrogated the constitution of 1956 and transferred power to the chief of army staff Ayub Khan.

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First, ten years of Pakistan creation are thought to be intense troublesome period. About 8 prime ministers were changed one after other. Such was happened due to lack of clear-cut rules to be followed. In the first eight years of Pakistan birth, its political pundits could give a directional constitution to Pakistan. The condition got further worsened because of the existence of non-constitutional acts such as PRODA. PRODA was enacted by Liaqat Ali Khan government with a view to putting a curb on the frivolous behavior of legislators but it was used by Governor Generals for their political gains rather for public welfare. It is believed that if promulgation of the constitution was not delayed situation of Pakistan would be more different.

Governor General Of Pakistan?

Governor General Joining Date Left Over
Muhammad Ali Jinnah 15 August 1947 11 September 1948
Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin 14 September 1948 17 October 1951
Ghulam Mohammad 17 October 1951 6 October 1955
Iskander Mirza 6 October 1955 23 March 1956
Who Was The Last Governor General Of Pakistan?

Pakistan would not undergo the regimes of martial law if our political leaders avoid using power for their gains. No practical work was done on the ground level of the political system of Pakistan and its effects still now can be felt. Quaid E Azam attained Pakistan with a view to flourish democratic norms in the country but it was not achieved because of the immature behavior of governing class. Hope you got your answer that Who Was The Last Governor General Of Pakistan.

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