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Who Won Asia Cup 2016

Question: Who Won Asia Cup 2016

Answer: India Won Asia Cup 2016

Shikhar Dhawan was the man who proved that his the man of Indian T20 international career at the peak. India won Asia Cup with eight wickets. Bangladesh  was the selected venue for the historical Asia Cup 2016. Asia Cup final Mirpur focused that target of 120 was achieved by India in 122 overs.

Who Won Asia Cup 2016

Who Won Asia Cup 2016

India won by eight wickets. The rain-hit game was reduced from 20 to 15. It gains after a two-hour delay that makes the sense. India won reaching 122 with just 2 outs. The competition win for the sixth time. Dhawan and Virat Kohli combined for a 94-run partnership and makes the historical win.

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