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Most of the students specially preparing for below mention entry tests may focus upon questions and answers in the form of MCQs in the form of Islam. Islamic point of view needs the accurate questions from students. For example, Namaz E Kasoof Is Offered At The Time Of?, Who Died First Among The Sahaba?, How Many Mosques Mentioned In Quran? And many other questions directly relate to the test preparation in 9th Class, 10th Class NTS, JTS, PTS, OTS, JTS, GTS, BTS, CTS, Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF, Police, Rangers And All armed forces, Fpsc, kppsc, ppsc, ajkpsc, ,BPSC, SPSC, CSS, NTS, ETEA, ETS, JTS, MTS, CTS.

What Are The Five Pillars Of Islam?

Question: What Are The Five Pillars Of Islam? There are five pillars of is Islam:        :اسلام کے پانچ ستون ہیں Shahadah شہادت Namaz نماز Zakat زکوۃٰ Roza روزہ Hajj حج    

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How Many Ruku In Quran?

Question: How Many Ruku In Quran? It is the sub division that was adopted later which is least contributed towards original revelation. The calculation so far that if there is one rukus in each rakat and total are 20 rakats then its will be 540 in 27 nights of Ramadan. …

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