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Basic Operations Performed by a Computer are?

Question: Basic Operations Performed by a Computer are? 2 3 4 5 Answer: 5  Basic Operations Performed by a Computer are 5 The computer system can perform so many operations for the purpose of converting raw input data into information as useful for users. However, a computer system does primarily perform the 5 basic operations namely inputting, storing, processing, outputting and controlling. Inputting is all about the entering data and instructions into the computer system. Storing is concerned with the saving…

What Is Local Area Network (LAN)?

Question: What Is Local Area Network (LAN)? Answer: Local Area Network is a type of computer network that covers a small area. The network of the computer in computer laboratory of a college and network of computers in an office building are an example of LANs.

What Is WAN?

Question: What Is WAN? Answer: A Wide Area Network is a network system that covers a large area such as different cities of the country or different countries of the world. Most telephone companies are WANs. A WAN that is wholly owned and used by a single company is often referred to as an enterprise network.

What Is Server Computer?

Question: What Is Server Computer? Answer: In a networked environment, a powerful computer is used that controls the entire computer connected to the network is called the Server or Host computer. There are different types and kinds of a server computer such as in a building network the service are containing on a client computing while in a database server clients are attached in the form of websites, while the file server, message transfer agent, and application server are the different existing…

What Is Protocol?

Question: What Is Protocol?  Answer: A set of rules that guides data communication is called protocol. It represents an agreement between the communication devices. Without a proper protocol, the device may be connected but they cannot communicate with each other. For Example, a person whose mother language is English cannot communicate with a person who can speak only Urdu.

What Is A Modem?

Question: What Is A Modem? Answer: Modem stands for modulation and demodulation. It is an electronic device that converts digital signals into analog and vice versa. Modems are used on both ends of the computer for data communication between computer through a telephone line. The modem is not wireless but they help the wireless devices to connect to the internet simultaneously. So the modem is a great invention because they are connecting wireless devices together.