How Many Sajda In Quran

Question: How Many Sajda In Quran

Answer: There are 4 Wajib obligatory Sajda In Quran and 10 Mustahab Recommended sajda In Quran

The question is How Many Sajda In Quran and answer is 4 Wajib and 10 mustahab in the whole quran. The first Wajib obligatory Sajdah is itself mentioned in Surah Sajdah in 32:15 ends with Wala Yastakbarun. The second wajib Obligatory sajdah is mentioned in Surah Fusilah at 41:37.

How Many Sajda In Quran

How Many Sajda In Quran

How Many Ruku In Quran

Third one is Surah Al Najm at 53:62 and fourth mentioned at Surah Al Alaq at 96:19. Other mustahab recommended sajdha are mentioned as follows like Surah Al Araf at 7:206, Surah Al Rad at 13:15, surah Al Nahl at 16:49 and 50. Surah Bani Isreal at 17:107-109. Surah Maryam at 19:58, Surah Haj att 22:18,77, Surah Forqan at 25:60, Surah Al Naml at 27:25,26. Surah Sad at 38:24, Surah Inshiqaq at 84:21. These are some kinds of information that is being dispersed according to the relevance with the chapters.

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