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What Is KIKI Challenge

Question: What Is KIKI Challenge?

Answer: Dance out of the moving car

What Is KIKI Challenge And Why People Do It is the big question raising in the society because it is most viral challenge now a day on social media. Although, it is challenging that is increase moment by moment because most of the people get involved in it. The challenge is one of the most entertaining as compare to other challenges in Pakistan as well all over the world.

What Is KIKI Challenge?

What Is KIKI Challenge

It is the challenge that involves to get out of the car when it is moving. At the same time, police officers from all over the world issuing warrants to those who get out of the moving card to complete their so called KIKI challenge. There are many videos in the social media that is showing the kiki challenge. Hope now you have understand about What Is KIKI Challenge And Why People Do?

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