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What Is The ISSB Test in Pakistan Army?

Question: What is the ISSB Test in Pakistan Army?

Answer: It is a five days Psychological screening test. It takes to judge the ability, aptitude, and personality of candidates for Armed Forces by ISSB Committee

ISSB is the abbreviation of Inter Services Selection Board

Inter Service Selection Board ISSB Test in Pakistan Army:

ISSB stands for _Inter Services Selection Board. It is an organization or committee. It arranges for the selection of the candidates for the officer commissions in the categories of armed forces of Pakistan as well as Army and Navy. Therefore, rhis board is basically known as the human resource organization for the future selection of the armed forces candidates. It does act as being the nursery for the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Both male and female can apply for this test.

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At the current level just female candidates for the side of the GD (P) and CAE requires to undergo the GTO tests. Hence, ISSB Test in Pakistan hold in the cities of Kohat, Gujranwala, Malir and Quetta. All departments of ISSB require written test, medical test, interview and psychological test. In conclusion, this test is necessary to take part in Army.

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