pakistan become a member of commonwealth

Question: When Did Pakistan Become A Member Of Commonwealth?

  • 27 August 1947
  • 18 September 1947
  • 14 August 1947
  • 18 August 1947

Answer: 14 August 1947 

Pakistan Become A Member Of Commonwealth In 14 August 1947 

pakistan become a member of commonwealth

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of Commonwealth. It is the international organization also known as intergovernmental organization. It consists of “like minded” peoples which is known as common way of life. There are 54 members including united Kingdom itself. The member states have no binding at all to join or withdrawal. The different races, traditions, cultures with the common language makes it ethnic organization. All members of commonwealth at some extent were the member of colonies of Britian. No constitutional systems applied within the organization at all. Still, organization is one of the finest to implement rule of law, free trade even human rights in justified manner.

If any Common wealth member wants to improve its economic positions then organization helps alot. The organization is helpful for underdeveloped economies. Different agreements results in the nice contribution towards economy. Common Secretary general over there known as monitoring body. Interaction and corporations among members is the sole successful path to boast economy. The friendly relationship between the countries can show through games held after every four years.

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