The Supreme Law of Pakistan or the constitution of Pakistan was lastly created in 1973. The 1973 constitution of Pakistan was drafted during the tenure of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. This constituent was drafted by the Pakistani opposition parties along with the coordination of current Government of that time. The foundation was put in the court 12th parliament authors while it was approved by parliament on 10th April 1973. But until yet it was not enforced to empower on the state. After four months on the occasion of 14th August, 1973 Supreme Court of Pakistan ratified the 1973 constitution of Pakistan.

1973 Constitution Of Pakistan MCQs

The need of this new constituent was felt after the 1969 martial law which was elected under the previous constituent 1962 and Legal Framework Order (LFO) of 1970. There are total 12 articles including this constituent which is starting from the introduction (article 1-6) of this act to the miscellaneous rights and laws (articles 240-280).