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Present Constitution of Pakistan Passed in Which Year?

Question: Present Constitution of Pakistan Passed in Which Year?

  • In 1956
  • In 1965
  • In 1962
  • In 1973

Answer: 1973

Present Constitution of Pakistan was Passed in 1973

To run a nation and its Government in manageable prospects, a constitution of a country plays an important role. Pakistan state is based on 3 constitutions i.e. in 1956, 1962 and in 1973. The present constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is also known as the 1973 Constitution is the supreme law of Pakistan. This constitution drafted by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto with the help of opposition parties. However, it approved by the Parliament on 10th April 1973. It was ratified on 14 August 1973. Hence, this constitution is based on the terms of being the guidance for Pakistan law and its political culture system. Therefore, this constitution is based on the factors of 280 articles and 7 schedules. It involves in creating the centralized federal system.

According to 1973 Constitution, President of Pakistan is the ceremonial Head of State. The first six articles of the constitution are based on political system outline. In addition, this constitution is also injecting the legal system to be based on principles of Quran and Sunnah. On the basis of this constitution, just the national assembly of Pakistan was the sole legislature in the center.

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