Who is The Current External Affairs Minister of Pakistan

Foreign ministry is the most important department of the modern nation states. It crafts relation with foreign nations in order to attain national interests. Here we will discuss about Who is The Current External Affairs Minister of Pakistan. National interests are the fundamental needs of a nation that may be economical,  strategic  ,or  social. To fulfill these needs a country cannot depends on it own. It has to make relation with other nations to meet these needs. Today’s world is globalized world. countries which do not have industrial or agriculture sufficiency trade with other nations to overcome these insufficiency. Trained labor goes from one country to another to earn livelihood. All these activities are controlled by ministry of foreign affairs of each state.

Pakistan too has her foreign ministry with its head office in Islamabad. so if you thinking of Who is The Current External Affairs Minister of Pakistan then here it is. The incumbent foreign minister of Pakistan is Khawaja Asif preceded by Sirtaj Aziz(former advisor).  He is a senior member of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz ( PLM-N) .

Who is The Current External Affairs Minister of Pakistan

He assumed office on 4th August 2017 in the cabinet of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi . Khawaja Asif has been serve as Defence  Minister and Minister for water and power in the cabinet of Nawaz Shareef from 2013 to 2017.

Who is The Current External Affairs Minister of Pakistan

List of all External Affairs Minister of Pakistan

Below is the list of all External Affairs Minister of Pakistan from Independence to date.

Serial No Name Tenure
1 Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan Dec 27, 1947 To Oct 31, 1954
2 Muhammad Ali Bogra 24 Oct, 1954 To 11 Aug, 1955
3 Hamid Ul Haq Chaudhary 28 Sep, 1955 To 12 Sep, 1956
4 Malik Feroz Khan Noon 14 Sep, 1956 To 16 Dec, 1957
5 Manzoor Qadir 29 Oct, 1958 To 8 June 1962
6 Muhammad Ali Boghra 13 June, 1962 To 23 Jan, 1963
7 Zulifqar Ali Bhutto 24 Jan,1963 To 31 Aug, 1966
8 Sharifud Deen Pirzada 20 July 1966 To 25 April, 1968
9 Mian Arshad Hussain 25 April, 1968 To 4 April ,1969
10 General Yaha Khan 5 April 1969 To 20 Dec, 1971
11 Zulifqar Ali Bhutto 20 Dec, 1971 To 28 March 1977
12 Aziz Ahmed 30 March, 1977 To 5 July 1977
13 Agha Shahi 14 Jan, 1978 To 9 March 1982
14 Sahib zada Yaub Khan 21 March, 1982 To 1 Nov, 1987
15 Sahibzada Yaqub Khan 9 June, 1988 To 20 March 1991
16 Abdul Sattar 23 July , 1993 To 19 Oct, 1993
17 Farooq Ahmed Khan Loghari 19 Oct, 1993 To 14 Nov, 1993
18 Aseef Ahmed Ali 16 Nov, 1993 To 4 Nov, 1996
19 Shaibzada Yaqub Khan(caretaker) 11 Nov, 1996 To 4 Nov 1996
20 Gohar Ayub 25 Feb, 1997 To 7 Aug, 1998
21 Sartaj Aziz 7 Aug, 1998 To 12 Oct, 1999
22 Abdul Sattar 23 July, 1999 To 14 June , 2002
23 Khurshed Mahmud Kasori 23 Nov, 2002 To 15 Nov, 2007
24 Inam Ul Haq( caretaker) 15 Nov, 2007 To 24 March 2008
25 Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi 31 March 2008 To 9 Feb, 2011
26 Ms.Hina Rabani Khar 19 July 2011 To 16 March 2003
27 Mian Nawaz Sharif 7 June, 2013 To 28 July 2017


Information about External Affairs Ministry:

Pakistan has her diplomatic offices in all recognized modern nation states except Israel. Foreign diplomats of Pakistan are coin by different names in the different countries. In India foreign diplomat are call by the name of higher commissioner whereas in USA the name is ambassador. Mostly Pakistani foreign diplomats are bureaucrats. Exceptionally, political agents are also assign to the post of foreign diplomats but mostly bureaucrats are prefer. Foreign minister is think to be the head of all Pakistani diplomat around the world. All diplomats or political agents find themselves accountable before foreign minister and finally to Prime minister.

Who Was The First Army Chief of Pakistan

A bit after the inception of Pakistan, she had to show the world either she would be the part of capitalist bloc member. USA with head or be the part of USSR (united soviet states of Russia). Pakistan preferred to tie with USA  and the first prime minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali khan visited USA. Afterward Pakistan made two very important accords with USA in 1954 and 1955 known in the history as SEATO and CENTO. SEATO was an international organization for collective defense of South Asia. CENTO commonly known as Bagdad pact was an economic alliance between Iraq, Iran, Pakistan Turkey and USA. In spite of being the alliance with USA in accords USA did not help Pakistan in both two Indo-Pak wars. In both two wars USA would have helped Pakistan but she did not. Being betray by USA, Pakistan decided to change her foreign policy.

current foreign affairs minister of pakistan

Zulifqar Ali Bhutto inclined towards USSR and brought still mill in Pakistan. After that Pakistan and USA relation remained wavering sometime in tie. sometime untie till the dissolution of USSR. War on terror that was initiate by America against Afghan mujahedeen force America to keep Pakistan in good books that is currently going on with pause and jerks.

Fundamental principle of Pakistan foreign policy is anti-India. India is deeming arch-rival of Pakistan. If a rational look put on the current foreign policy of Pakistan it seems that India has suppressed Pakistan by making an alliance with two neighboring countries of Pakistan that is Iran and Afghanistan. C-PEC, an economic initiative between Pakistan and china is not being chase fully on the side of Pakistan.

America and India are making new alliances and emerging as new power players. America wants India to make economic giant of South Asia with a view to curb China. All that comes in the way of USA as hurdle will be ruin. Hence, it is the right time for Pakistan to redesign her foreign policy. This is about the Who is The Current External Affairs Minister of Pakistan which guide you the right information.

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