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Who Was The First President Of Muslim League

Question: Who Was The First President Of Muslim League?

Answer: Agha Khan 111

After the war of independence in 1858, chiefly Muslims of the subcontinent were maltreated by Britishers.  Muslims were rulers at the time of British occupation of the subcontinent. Knowing that Muslims could create disturbance in British India, British crown decided to derail Muslims in education and administration. With a view to ruling over India democratically, Britisher made Indian Nation Congress in 1885. This political party soon crowded with Hindus with an overwhelming majority. By this platform, Hindus started to participate in politics and formulated a policy of disbanding Muslims from politics so that after the British crown India could be ruled by Hindus.  Perceiving the treachery of Hindus, Muslim leaders of Aligarh university formed Muslim League and Sultan Muhammad Shah famously known as Agha Khan 111 was appointed as the First President Of Muslim League.

Before the formation of Muslim league, Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan had formed a community with the name of Muhammadan Educational Conference but this part was not allowed to participate in the politics. Muslim leaders of Aligarh Movement decided to lift the self-imposed ban. At Dhaka, a delegation of almost 3000 people gathered and formed a league with the name of Muslim League. Charter of League was designed by Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar and Agha Khan was Unanimously elected as the first president of this League.

First President Of Muslim League

The sole aim of forming this League was to protect the civil rights of Muslim communities all around India, which were exploited by Hindus. Moreover, a delegate of almost 35 men was formed under the leadership of Sir Agha Khan to talk to Viceroy on the issue of Electoral reforms. Britisher after seizing power in India announced that they would govern the country by the consent of local people but those consents would be prioritized slowly and gradually.

First President Of Muslim League

In 1909 political reforms were expected to hold by Britishers. Muslims, in order to gain momentum in their majority area, wanted electoral reforms. So to got this demand admitted, a delegation of Muslim leaders met viceroy at his residence and asked him to award Muslim separate electorate so that they might preserve their civil right of self- governing. Finally, Muslims long-standing demand of separate electorate got materialized in Minto-Morley reforms. it can be shared here with respect to First President Of Muslim League.

Who Was The First President of Pakistan

It was only Muslim League that paved a way for the future political development of Pakistan. It provided Muslims with a platform to grow stunning political leaders which later with their abilities and political acumen got Pakistan in 1947. Allama Iqbal and Quaid E Azam, former designer and later maker of Pakistan, emerged from the very platform of Muslim League. Quaid E Azam retaliated Both Hindus and Britisher politically, confused them and ultimately fetched Pakistan.

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