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What is the Name of National Emblem of Pakistan

Question: What is the Name of National Emblem of Pakistan?


  • The Crescent and a Star
  • The Quartered Shield
  • The Floral Wreath
  • The Scroll
  • The Green Color

The Name of National Emblem of Pakistan

What is the Name of National Emblem of Pakistan

Every country requires national emblem for symbolic representation. Pakistan has adopted its national emblem in 1954. Every country has its natural emblem. Pakistan has its own. So, on the base of ideology, Pakistan has four components which represent the economy, culture, Islamic principles. Therefore, the four components are crescent, a star surrounded by a wreath and below is a scroll. Green color, Crescent, and star represent Islam and religion. The quarter shield in the middle represents the four major crops. Like tea, cotton, jute, and wheat at the time of independence. However, these four major crops signify the economy of Pakistan. It is all about the National Emblem of Pakistan.

Hence, the symbols on the quarter shield represent that Pakistan is an agricultural country and its economic base on crops. The floral wreath surrounded the quarter shield is Jasmine flower. Floral patterns represent the Mughal art and strong culture. At the bottom scroll supporting the shield. Hence, it represents the guiding principle of Pakistan. Unity, faith, and discipline.

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