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Salient Features of 1956 Constitution of Pakistan

Like other laws constitution of 1956 is also the fundamental law of Pakistan so start read Salient Features of 1956 Constitution of Pakistan. After the bunch of struggles of Quaid-e-Azam Pakistan became the independent state in 1947.  But the need of independence still there. Muslims were not treated well, so to solve this problem constituent assembly was formed. Finally opting to frame the constitution and to set a federal legislative assembly.

In the meanwhile, many resolutions were there and finally after 9 years of efforts. Pakistan was in the framed constitution and  enforced on 23rd March 1956 in the constitution frame. The main purpose of this constitution was to declare Pakistan as an Islamic republic.

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This article contains the salient features of 1956 constitution of Pakistan

Salient Features of 1956 Constitution of Pakistan

  • Islamic Provisions in 1956

Islam is the root of Pakistan and the President should be Muslim. The objective resolution included in the constitution; the foundation of this constitution was the sovereignty of ALLAH, implementation of the QURAN and lives the lives according to the Sunnah. No law should be declared against the Quran and Sunnah.

  • Federation

The constitution personified all features of the federation. The legislative federal list consists of 30 subjects. In case of any disputes, the chief justice will handle these disputes by himself. Likewise, it contains two powers as central and provinces.

  • Parliamentary form of Government

Parliamentary form of government formed under this constitution, until unless as they retained in the office all ministers should be the members of the constitution. Moreover, the prime minister is the head of government and president as head of state.

  • Written Constitution

The constitution is written, lengthy, rigid and firm and the name is adopted as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

  • Language

The language should be Urdu and Bengali

  • Fundamental rights

Rights are the major thing in Islam, similarly, there are rights in the constitution of 1956, and the rights of freedom, speech, and expression included. Muslims have right to live their life according to the basic principles of Islam. Hence, no discrimination should be present in the terms of race; caste was the objective of fundamental rights.

  • The position of the President in 1956 Constitution of Pakistan

The main role of the president was to move the budget. Similarly, he should issue ordinance and was elected in the armed forces as supreme commander.

  • Unicameral Legislature

It is also called as a National assembly. For 10 years 10 seats are reserved for women. There was age limit too not less than 25 years of age person could be a member.

  • Independence of Judiciary

Head of the state is responsible for the justice.

  • Drawbacks

The Bengalis were in national assembly.  Demands of provinces spoiled by one unit scheme and provisional autonomy was not under the respective provinces. Moreover, lengthy document and single citizenship included in this constitution.

It was the first constitution after the Pakistan came into being. The government of India act 1935 before the official adopt of the constitution 1956. The interim constitution was not sufficient in this respect to fulfill the government infrastructure in Pakistan.

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