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What is GRE Test in Pakistan?

Question: What is GRE Test in Pakistan?

Answer: GRE_stands for Graduate Record Exam. It is designe to scan the ability of student in order to get admission in a graduation course. It conducts by ETS.

GRE is the Abbreviation of “Graduate Record Exam”

What is GRE Test in Pakistan

GRE is the abbreviation of “The Graduate Record Exam (GRE)”. It is the most common admission requirement test meant for the graduate school. This test is about the broad assessment related to the critical thinking, analytical writing, and so as the verbal reasoning. GRE designes as for the purpose of the provision of the admissions committee members, as well as career counselors, and also the range of the prospective applicants with predictors of academic performance in the graduate-level academic study.

This test takes from those students who are part of the masters and doctoral level of educational programs. This test develops and administersby the supervision of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) as on behalf of the Graduate Record Examinations Board and the Council of Graduate Schools. The national offices of ETS are running in more than 160 countries. Its head office situated in the United States Every year thousands of candidates appear in GRE test in order to seek scholarships in foreign institutes.

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