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Which is the Largest Barrage of Pakistan?

Question: Which is the Largest Barrage of Pakistan?

  • Jinnah Barrage
  • Kotri Barrage
  • Chashma Barrage
  • Sukkur Barrage

Answer: Sukker Barrage

Sukkur Barrage is the largest Barrage in Pakistan

Which is the Largest Barrage of Pakistan

In Pakistan, so many barrage systems established for the proper maintenance of the irrigation and water system in Pakistan. Sukkar barrage is named to be the largest barrage in Pakistan. This barrage was build at the time of the British Raj from the year 1923 to 1932. It was named to be the Lloyd Barrage. However, the Sukkur Barrage mentioned to be the real pride of Pakistan’s Irrigation system. Therefore, it has been coming out to be the largest single Irrigation network. This barrage has been build on the River Indus near the city of Sukkur in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

It irrigates from Sukkur District in the North as well as to Mirpurkhas/ Tharparkar and Hyderabad districts in the South of Sindh. Plus it situated about 300 miles North East of Karachi, and also with the 3 miles below the Railway Bridge or the Sukkur Gorge. The beginning of the barrage controlled irrigation system hence resulted in more timely water supplies as in favor of the existing cultivated areas of Sindh Province of Pakistan.Do you know when did Pakistan became the nuclear power?

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