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Who Is Current Chairman of Nadra 2019?

Q: Who is Current Chairman of Nadra 2019?

Col Tahir Maqsood Khan (Retd)
BRIG.(R) Nasar Ahmed Mir
Mr. Usman Y. Mobin
Mr. Zulfiqar Ali

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National Database and Registration Authority, Pakistan, is the highest national institution which enrolls and keep records of a national citizen of Pakistan. It manages and regulates very sensitive data of Pakistan people. It is an autonomous and a federal institution. It has the largest employees network of about 11000 total employees. It has 800 domestic offices along with a few international offices. The Current Chairman Of NADRA 2019 is Usaman Mubeen. He is a man of high profile and the youngest person to head National database authority. After completing his graduate degree in IT from the University of massuchists, he worked on different IT projects to gain experience. In his major works, he has designed National identity card system, civil registration system, and Benazir program. Throughout his education career, he always stood at the first grade. At the age of 35, he got appointed as the chairman of NADRA.

After the creation of Pakistan, it was felt that there would be an institution which keeps and enroll the sensitive data of Pakistan citizen. Liaquat Ali Khan led the boat and dared to launch the national identity system(NIS), to register to manage and issue national identity cards to all the citizen of Pakistan. Passing through numerous schemes of data registration under election commission of Pakistan, under NIS finally election of 1970 was conducted.

After the creation of Bangladesh in 1971, there was an urgent need to register and enroll citizens of West Pakistan. To make Pakistan the then database service more vibrant Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto took some concrete steps. National Database Registration Authority  came into being on 10th March 2000 with the second amendment in the constitution of Pakistan 1973. It is all the way show as Current Chairman Of NADRA 2019.

National Database Authority is an institution that plays a major role in the overall competency of a country. With the help of Database, a country can conduct free and fair election based on adults. Through the national database, a country can allow its resources rightly to its citizens. Offenses and crimes can only be reduced if a country posses a highly modern and effective database system. Although under the supervision of highly qualified engineers Pakistan Database system made more directional and refined yet there require some innovative and new techniques to make it more and more reliable database system.

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Biometric system should be more extensive around the whole of the country. Digital technologies should be applied to the national database system. Our database system should be as close to the identities of the citizens that one click on the computer may help to find them. If it happens, then crimes will surely be decreased, and prosperity is allowed to rule in the country.


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