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List Of National Animals Of Pakistan

Question: List Of National Animals Of Pakistan


Markhor (National animal)—-Capra falconeri

Indus river dolphin (National aquatic mammal)—-Platanista indicus minor minor

Chukar (National bird)—–Alectoris chukar

(National Amphibian Of Pakistan)—Bufo Stomaticus¬†

National Fish Of Pakistan—Masheer

National Mammal Of Pakistan—Rhesus macaque

National Animals Of Pakistan

National Animals Of Pakistan listed here at this page that means are going to take these animals to save in your list. It is the national animal that make the other word well aware about the animals. The first national animal name is Markhor that is national animal. Capra Falconeri is the national animal name. The second name is Indus river dolphin which is national Aquatic mammal of Pakistan. The list includes the Chukar as national bird of Pakistan.

National Animals Of Pakistan

National Amphibian Of Pakistan also included in this list. These collectively made list of national animals of Pakistan. You are notified toi see this answer because you search it on google and whoiswho.pk pleasure to share the list with you guys. The list also includes the national fish of pakistan. There are other animals also includes the National aquatic mammal. You are well aware about the national animals here at this page that means it is going to consider according to the need development. Further, National Mammal Of Pakistan are going to share about this page. The list is national recognized through the best approach.

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