Q: Who Was The First Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court Of Pakistan?

Muhammad Munir
M Shahabuddin
A.R Cornelius
Abdul Rasheed

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Abdul Rasheed

All our readers are taking out the details about Who Was The First Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court Of Pakistan. Judiciary is the most important pillar of a state. It has dual work to perform. On the one side, it makes laws by setting precedents while on the other it invigilates existing laws according to the constitution. Chief justice is deemed to be the head of the judiciary about First Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court Of Pakistan?

The hierarchical order of Pakistan courts consists of two classes: the higher judiciary and lower judiciary. Higher courts comprise of the supreme court, federal sharia court, and five high courts. lower judiciary or subordinate court are commonly known as local courts or district level courts. Local courts or lower courts are headed by high court while the higher judiciary is headed by the supreme court.

Judiciary is an institution that makes or ruin the fate of a country. Countries with the powerful judicial system make progress by leaps and bounds. Pakistan judiciary history is not up to the mark. It remained unable to perform its due role.By using public representative disqualification act (PRODA), the then governor-general Malik Ghulam Muhammad abrogated the first constituent assembly. He just wanted to use constituent assembly as per of his will whereas assembly was not going on his side that is why he abrogated it.

Who Was The First Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court Of Pakistan?

Molvi Tameez-ud-Deen speaker of constituent assembly at that time filed a case against governor’s act in Sindh high court. Sindh court favored the constituent assembly but federal court being under pressure of Governor gave a verdict in favor of Ghulam Muhammad and put aside the decision of Sindh High court. Similarly, the imposition of first martial law in 1958 was justified by a federal court under the pretext of “Doctrine of the necessity of state”. About all martial laws were justified by the court in the favor of dictators and rule of law was put under feet. It is the judiciary that pulled state into a dark era of martial law and encouraged dictators to make their hays about the Who Was The First Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court Of Pakistan?

In the end, it is worth able to quote that judiciary has to take some progressive steps in order to make our beloved country a capable, developed and competent state. Nothing is more important than law. It behaves like backbone. If laws are shattered, obviously system will be shattered. If laws are healthy system will follow the same. It is the only judiciary that makes and interpret laws. If it is ok then everything will be surely fine.

List of Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court Of Pakistan:

No. Name Tenure
1 Abdul Rasheed 1949 – 1954
2 Muhammad Munir 1954 -1960
3 M Shahabuddin 1960-1960
4 A.R Cornelius 1960 – 1968
5 S.A Rehaman 1968 – 1968
6 Fazal Akbar 1968-1968
7 Hamoodur Rehman 1968-1968
8 Yaqub Ali Khan 1975-1977
9 Sh.Anwarul Haq 1977 -1981
10 M Haleem 1981-1989
11 M.Afzal Zullah 1990- 1993
12 Dr Nasim Hassan Shah 1993-1994
13 Syed Sajjid Ali Shah 1994 -1997
14 Ajmal Mian 1997 -1999
15 Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui 1999 -2000
16 Irshad Hassan Khan 2000 -2000
17 Bashir Jhangiri 2002-2002
18 Sheikh Riaz Ahmed 2002-2003
19 Nazim Hussain Siddique 2003-2005
20 Iftiqar Muhammad Chaudhary 2005-2013
21 Tassadak Hussain Jilani 2013 -2014
22 Nasir ul Mulk 2014-2015
23 Jawad S.Khawja 2015 -2015
24 Anwer Zaher Jamali 2015-2016
25 Saqib Nisar 2016 to 2018
26 Asif Saeed Khan Khosa 2019 To Date

It was the only judiciary of Pakistan which dragged country under the jaws of Dictators government. Every dictator’s action was legitimized by the judiciary for one or other reasons. Somewhere, the judiciary in past used the doctrine of state necessity whereas at other points it blames civilian leaders for the imposition of Martial law. A list has been prepared below to throw light on the major works of all chief justices. Hence the answer of your question Who Was The First Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court Of Pakistan? is discussed in details. For more information you can read more from this page.

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